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Springfield, MO

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You’re looking for a crawlspace encapsulation, crawlspace insulation and waterproofing company in Springfield, MO, that offers quality workmanship and competitive pricing. You need a company that is highly trained and skilled in the industry. You want a company that is customer-oriented, licensed and insured. If you’ve found us, you’ve found what you’re looking for! Guardian Foundation Repair is a crawlspace company that specializes in providing quality workmanship at an affordable price. We take pride in our highly skilled staff and customer service oriented approach. We are licensed and insured so you can rest assured knowing we’re here to help you get back into your home as quickly as possible.

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Your crawlspace is prone to settling and cracking, which can cause problems with the foundation of your home. Floor support jacks help prevent this by adding extra support in key areas of the floor. They’re easy to install and can be removed if necessary, so there’s no need to worry about permanently altering your home’s structure. They are designed to support the weight of the floor above, as well as any other objects that may be stored in your crawlspace. When you hire Guardian Foundation Repair as your crawlspace company, we will install these jacks and make sure they are properly secured before filling your space with dirt or gravel. We know that not all homes are built the same way, which is why we provide customized solutions for any type of situation you might be facing. Whether you have an old house with an outdated foundation or a new build with a weak foundation, our team in Springfield, MO, will work with you every step of the way until you’re satisfied with our workmanship.